why not windows?

London developers! Tell us what you miss in Windows

Microsoft is inviting developers on Thursday, the 19th of November 2015 from 18:30 onwards to learn what you are missing in the platfrorm as developers

Come meet with Mike Harsh (mharsh@microsoft.com) and Keith Rowe (keithro@microsoft.com, @krow) from Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group. These two program managers are leading efforts to make Windows-based machines a better place for web development.

They are visiting London this week and would love to hear your opinions on what’s good and bad with Windows as a development platform. And, of course, your advice on which beer to drink while they’re in town. They’ll stand you to a round and some appetizers.

We’ll be downstairs at The Square Pig - 70-72 Procter St.

We have a 1000 GBP behind the bar for food and drinks - this needs to go, so come all and be merry.